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BTC Tez (Trading Symbol: BTCtz) is a Bitcoin-pegged stablecoin that runs on the Tezos blockchain, for the fastest trades at the lowest cost possible. It is over-collateralized 4:1 with 2 over-collateralizing silos of Bitcoin (BTC) and 2 over-collateralizing silos of Tez (XTZ)

FAQ — Fact Sheet

  • What is BTC Tez (BTCtz) - BTC Tez is a stable-coin that is pegged to the value of Bitcoin (price of 1.0 BTCtz = price of 1.0 BTC), and is built from the ground-up on the Tezos blockchain.
  • For what is BTC Tez used? - BTC Tez is used by traders to intermittantly close their XTZ positions (i.e. to 'short' XTZ) in terms of BTC, without having to suffer both the monetary costs and speed costs of 'going off-chain' just to do it — since Bitcoin is on its own separate blockchain but BTC Tez runs on the Tezos blockchain
  • How is BTC Tez different than USD Tez? - Many traders close their positions in terms of USD-value coins, and many traders close their positions in BTC. Having both options avaiilable on an exchagne helps to accomodate more traders.
  • How do I buy BTC Tez? - Follow this website for updates on our exchange partnerships.
  • When will BTC Tez launch? - Early 2020
  • How is BTC Tez collateralized? - BTC Tez uses the same collateralization model and graduated process of USD Tez which has been expanded to be the "StableTez" model. The difference between the USD Tez collateralization model and the BTC Tez collateralization model is that Silos 1 and 3, will use Bitcoin instead of using FIAT or FIAT equivalent.

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